Pro-Baby Center(Za Bebe) is located in Belgrade, Serbia.    

                     It was founded in 2012 by Mila Todorovic.  The center exist

                     to promote life in various ways and to minister to women in

                     crises pregnancy.  Since 2012 Mila Todorovic has been

                     involved in couselling women and has organized several

                     events to promote the sanctity of human life in the region. Her heart is to grow the ministry in Belgrade.  Currently the Pro-Baby Center is the only pro-life ministry in the entire capital of Belgrade.

Sacred Europe is excited to partner with the Pro-Baby Center!  Our primary goal is the establishment of the center with an office and staff.  This wil allow the ministry to expand and serve as a safe place where women in crises can come for help! We are excited to see what God will do in this ministry!

                      The Choose Life Center(Izaberi Zivot) is located in                        Novi Sad, Serbia.  This center is located in the city                            center and is committed to helping women in crises.                       The Choose Life Center is focused on reaching out                           to pregnant women who are in crises.  They walk                             with these women through all the stages of                

pregnancy.  From counseling to providing hygiene products for these new babies.  The center also has a new ministry for mothers to be.  They have rented an apartment where women can stay while they are pregnant to support them during this challenging time in their lives.  In the past year they have expanded this ministry with God's faithfulness and hope to continue to expand in the future. 

The Choose Life Center is located in Daruvar, Croatia.  The center is run by Anita Jovanovic.  The center has been in operation since 2015.  Daruvar is a small resort town located in the mountainous region of Croatia.  This center is a place where women from the capitol city of Zagreb can come to focus on their pregnancy and receive healing care.  

The Sara Center is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  It is run by Tanja and Stanka. 

Serbia Abortion Facts


  • Serbia is the leader in  abortions in Europe, right after the former Soviet Union.

  • It is officially considered that between 150,000 to 200,000 abortions are performed each year.  This can be compared to about 67,000 births per year. That means for every live birth there are about 2 or 3 abortions performed.

  • Unlike other countries, the highest number of abortions in Serbia almost 80%  are carried out by women who are married.

  • Particularly disturbing is the large number of repeated abortions.  Some women have even had10 or more abortions and often use them as a method of contraception.

  • Especially for women who are married, every 3rd and subsequent child is threatened by abortion.

  • 90 % of teenage pregnancies are unwanted and the majority of them end up in abortion.

  • 60 % of students pregnancies are unwanted  and the majority of them end in abortion.

  • Awareness of the consequences of abortions in Serbia is very low. Only 3 % of women in Serbia believe that abortion is the murder of an unborn child.

  • Women who do not have the support of a partner or primary family to give birth to the baby, risk finding themselves on the street with a baby. In Belgrade, the Serbian capital, there is only one maternity home to accommodate single moms with babies up to a year.  Their capacity is 15 mothers for the entire country of 7 Million people!

  • Until opening of our counseling service in 2012, there was no pro-life center in Belgrade.

  • Belgrade is increasingly the center of abortion tourism.  This is where women come from other cities and countries to perform abortions.

  • In recent years there has been an increasing number of women performing sex-selective abortions. 

  • There is no national strategy to encourage moms to have children. Women often lose their jobs when they become pregnant.

  • In Serbia there is practically no research on post-abortion syndrome and its consequences.  There is also no support programs for women who have had an abortion.

  • Abortion is unfortunately also a method of birth control in the church. This is because abortion itself and its consequences are rarely discussed openly.

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